One of the themes of conversations I share with parents who are considering traveling for the first time or going on a larger trip is regarding what their children will do with their waiting hours.  Long flights or road trips seem daunting today for kids who commonly have access to entertainment.  It should also be mentioned that even kids who are excellent at entertaining themselves without technology may need downtime and something else to focus on besides family time and the overwhelm of travel.  These toys have not only helped entertain our kiddos on the long transportation itself, but also when waiting in airports, restaurants, and during adult oriented activities (cooking classes, etc) that we might otherwise feel we couldn’t handle.

In my articles, I suggest which toys might be best for which ages, interests, and what type of travel:

Travel Toys for Ages 2-4

Travel Toys for Ages 5-6 

Travel Toys for Ages 7-8

Travel Toys for Ages 9-11


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Ages 2-4

Ages 5-6

Ages 7-8

Ages 9-11


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