Whether you are embarking on a long haul flight, road trip or a visit to Grandma’s house, make your life easier and your child’s experience more enjoyable with the perfect toys to keep your preschooler occupied.

Top 10 Travel Toys for Preschoolers

  • Sticker & Activity Book
  • World of Disney Found It Game
  • WikkiStix Sea Life Activity Pak
  • Magnetic Puzzle
  • Make a Face Reusable Sticker Pad
  • Suction Building Character Set
  • Montessori Puzzle Boards
  • Find and Seek Scavenger Cards
  • Animal Lacing Cards
  • Switches Busy Board


Sticker & Activity Book

All of my kids have loved creating sticker scenes. Reusable or not, the easy peel pages offer such creative fun. I particularly like this product because the sticker pages are located next to the scene page so your child does not have to flip back and forth.  There are also other activity and coloring pages mixed in. The final reason I suggest this book is the binding which keeps it from falling apart.


World of Disney Found It Game

If your preschooler are anything like mine, sometimes you do not need to follow the rules of a game to have fun. You simple search the card to find the item specified. If your family watches Disney movies, there are also fun details to point out and it is fun to identify their favorite characters. The box is less than six inches for easy storing.

WikkiStix Sea Life Activity Pak

I have loved WikkiStix for many years. They are have so many great uses – any mode of transportation, great for restaurants, etc. This very affordable pack offers twelve different sea creature designs for your preschooler to trace with their Wikkistix. Since WikkiStix likely only get used a time or two, the price point makes you feel more comfortable than more expensive creative toys.

Magnetic Puzzles

These will work most effectively for the older end of the preschool spectrum with greater attention and hand eye coordination. There are different themes available, but I particularly like the amusement park option.  The two puzzle pad folds up to fit into a backpack or purse at just under seven inches width and heighth.

Make a Face Reusable Sticker Pad

These silly Make a Face products have always been a hit in our house. We have used the magnetic and sticker versions. This pad is so cute with its ten different animal scenes. Try to make each other giggle with the silliest faces!

Suction Building Character Set

If you have a little builder, finding toys that travel well can be a challenge. These little suction cup friends provide so many novel building ideas. You can use the cute egg container or put them in a more flexible bag. Kids will love making lines of connected characters or stringing them over obstacles while waiting in the airport.

Montessori Puzzle Boards

This is the largest items I am recommending at nearly nine inches square. However, pegs are part of the board so no tiny pieces to manage. Cards provide the challenge and older kids can use a timer as an added challenge. These are so beautiful and fun.

Find and Seek Scavenger Cards

Perhaps you are the parent scoffing at the idea of your little one sitting still completing create endeavors. This one is for you. These scavenger style cards are pretty and simple. Perfect for preschoolers, to take on the challenge from the car window, meandering around the airport or even within a hotel room.

Animal Lacing Cards

These adorable lacing cards are a welcome departure from the primary colors on so many children’s toys. They are cute and practical. The cards are big enough for older preschoolers to manipulate and use the differing colors of yard to create their own early sewing skills or just get that hand eye coordination practice in while focusing quietly. 

Switches Busy Board

Here is another busy toy for kids who love vehicles and switches. Perhaps your little one can operate the plane from their seat. This battery operated busy board is a great toy to introduce periodically to engage them in what is happening around you.

Enjoy Your Trip

Hopefully with minimal planning and investment, this list can create a travel pack for your preschooler that will entertain them between naps.  Everything on this list is a great alternative to screen time which helps you mix it up and keep the batteries charged.