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Visiting Glacier National Park with Kids: Tips and Itinerary

Among America's sixty-two designated national parks, there are some that truly stand out above the rest.  Glacier National Park is certainly one of our great parks.  Planning a visit to Glacier does require some consideration due to weather, location and itinerary...

Chicago Neighborhood Travel Guide for Families

On your first visit to a large city, it seems appropriate to see the requisite tourist attractions, but once you have visited a second, third or dozen times, branching out into other neighborhoods allows you get a real feel for the city.  Chicago is a city of many...

Optimal U.S. Road Trip Itinerary – Part Two

This is the second phase of an epic U.S. Roadtrip.  Part one of this detailed itinerary can be found here (link).  What is the optimal road trip to visit United States National Parks, Sites, Landmarks, and Monuments?  In 2015, Data Scientist Randall Olson calculated a...

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