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Take Your Parents on Your Family Trip – 21 Reasons Why

The first family vacations I went on were with my parents, grandparents and extended family.  My grandparents had a two bedroom lake side condo that at least eleven of us would stay in together when I was little.  To me, traveling with grandparents was normal and...

Fall Visit to Chicago with Kids Itinerary

We love Chicago in every season, but fall is especially great as the temperatures cool and the scenery changes.  Chicago is the perfect destination for families on a long Fall weekend.  Avoid the crowds at waterparks and pumpkin patches; instead take in the Midwest's...

Products & Tools for Special Needs Travel – Especially for Families

As a parent of a child with special needs, everyday life can be full of unexpected challenges and expected additional hurdles.  Like all parents, we work to give our children opportunities that will enhance their future.  For some families, this includes a schedule...

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