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What to Know Before you Go to Croatia with Kids

Croatia was a wonderful surprise to our family in so many ways. We visited during the busiest and hottest time of the year yet every place inspired wonder and appreciation for this country that has only been considered an international destination in the last...

Momcation Ideas by City – Solo Travel for Moms

If the word is unfamiliar to you, let's start with a definition. Urban Dictionary says Momcation is "a break from one's motherly duties".  Some women like to travel with friends and others like to use the time to be alone. Whatever the reason for your needed break or...

Weekend Getaways from the Quad Cities for Families

Quad City families, those school breaks come up quicker than you expect. Wanting to getaway with your family and planning it out are two very separate things. For all of my Quad City people who find themselves asking where should we go within a few hours for our long...

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