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Can You Take Your Kids Out of School for Vacation? Tips & Laws

Perhaps you have been waiting for the time of life in which your family is prepared to take a special trip, a longer trip, or your first international trip. Maybe your kids are newly in all day school or you have taken them out for long weekends, but never more than a...

Iowa Road Trip Adventures – 12 Waterfall Hikes and Stops

Iowa and Waterfall? Perhaps not synonymous, but certainly a real occurrence. Most of Iowa's waterfalls are visible year-round, but most some are dependent on waterflow in Spring and Summer. Hiking to a waterfall as a destination seems to inspire everyone, especially...

Precheck, Global Entry & Clear with Kids – How Does it Work?

Every time we make it to airport security or are re-entering the country, I second guess whether we should have TSA Precheck, Global Entry or Clear to simplify the process. My past research has left me feeling confused at each's value as our kids get older and then I...

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