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Croatia Family Trip Itinerary with Links to Follow

Perhaps you are share similarities with our family in that you have traveled a bit in Europe.  You've checked off a few top tourists sites and are ready to see what's beyond the most popular destinations.  Croatia has certainly been gaining popularity for many years...

Write a Letter to take Kids Out of School on Vacation

If you have a school age child, you have likely stressed about the idea of taking your child out of school for vacation.  No one wants to undermine the value of kids being in school consistently or what a disruption can mean for a child who is struggling in school. ...

Iowa City: Things to do with Kids (Including Free Ideas)

Having grown up just ninety minutes from Iowa City, I had no idea what a special gem was in close proximity.  It wasn't until my teens that I visited for the first time and eventually led to spending my college years in this Eastern Iowa community.  Every time we...

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