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Create a Travel Budget: Step by Step

What's your travel budgeting style?  Do you make or commit to plans before determining the total cost?  Do you save for months to make sure your travel doesn't impact your day to day lifestyle?  Do you always find yourself surprised after a trip at the extra...

11 Great RV Campgrounds in Midwest

Are you searching for the perfect spot for an RV vacation?  The Midwest is home to several interesting and unique campgrounds that may not be on your radar.  From water access, proximity to national parks, full resort amenities or just a place to get away and relax,...

How To Help Kids Through Jet Lag: 18 Tips From a Mom

Jet Lag.  If you have experienced it yourself, it may give you pause about subjecting your children to it.  If you're considering a first long flight for your entire family, the unknown can be concerning. Let me reassure you that it's worth the jet lag to see new...

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