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Midwest Foodie Road Trip Long Weekend – Itinerary

The Midwest boasts many foods that are either uniquely found only in the Midwest or copied without success in other places.  You can enjoy many of these food items year round, but summer through harvest season will yield the widest availability.  Since the Midwest...

Where to Go on a European Family Trip by Age

Parents are always asking what is the best age to take kids on a particular trip.  Europe, like the United States, is full of a variety of climates and environments.  Making the leap to leave the continent for the first time can be intimidating.  I'll suggest a...

10 Great Family Adventure Trips

Just as parenting evolves with growing kids, so does family travel.  The early concerns of what essentials to pack and the stress of how to navigate an airport with little ones are replaced with the acknowledgement of fleeting time as little kids become big kids.  I...

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