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Sleeping on a Plane: Alternatives to Travel Pillow

Sleep in general is essential but can be elusive. Add in the challenge of sitting upright while trying to keep your arms and legs inside your seat area and avoid snoring, drooling or falling asleep on someone next to you. It really is no wonder sleeping on a plane is...

Pros and Cons of Exit Row Seating

If you regularly fly in coach, you know the challenge of trying to get a little more space and have probably tried a few "tricks" to get it. Although exit row seating doesn't work for the whole family, it can be a good option for an individual or couple traveling as...

First Time South Africa Itinerary Traveling with Kids

Is South Africa on your bucket list? Do you find the idea of long travel in an entirely new country daunting? No worries, I have an easy itinerary that gives you a proper introduction to this beautiful country! I have a tendency to include too many things and then...

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