Make your shopping easier for travel loving family and friends or for those who are looking to embark on a new adventure.  Everything mentioned here are favorites of mine and most have been used across the globe with a lot of wear by my family of five.  Hope you find some great options for your loved ones or yourself!

Items to Make Travel Easier

The Zero Grid infinity scarf is super adapatable and can be modified to button to wrap around you or wear as a scarf.  There are two hidden pockets to tuck in an ID, money or whatever you want to carefully conceal.

If you prefer to give experiences, a National Park Pass is a great family gift of entrance into US National Parks.

If you know someone who likes to kayak, canoe or even boat, an affordable dry bag makes life easy.  They can function as an extra bag for travel or roll up in your luggage.

An inexpensive accessory to help keep hands free while moving through the airport, this luggage caddy can hold a drink, your phone and more.  When you’re down in flattens completely.

A door stop alarm can give any traveler a sense of security.  Whether you’re staying at an airbnb or hotel, traveling alone or with small kids, this alarm lets you know if someone is trying to open the door.

This duo of scented balms is a perfect stocking stuffer.  It would be great for adults, but I’ve found kids love a helpful tool to feel more confident when traveling.

A travel power strip is perfect for travelers staying in older accommodations that don’t have as many plug in options or any usb options. The cord neatly tucks in for easy storage.

At 4.5 inches, a clip on book lightt makes a perfect travel tool.  Save your spot in your reading and rotate the light to read in a dark plane, car, or hotel room.

If you are looking for a “bigger” gift for a traveling parent, this is THE best travel stroller available.  It’s lightweight, folds down to fit under your seat and can handle most terrain.  I wrote more about why I love it here.

Passport Covers & Luggage Tags

Love this customizable passport holder for the card and ID pockets to avoid fumbling around while at the counter or boarding the plane.

How cute are these custom tags? Click to see all of the color choices.

Who doesn’t love the Dr. Seuss book by this title? These passport covers are sweet and nostalgic. They have several colors and other sayings if you prefer

Books to Inspire Travel

This paperback is great inspiration for the roadtripper in your life.  Or use it as a family to pick your next trip.  This book is great when you don’t know where to start.

Flat Stanley is already beloved, but this book set introduces kids to destinations around the world.  These are great for young readers or for read aloud.

This second edition of National Geographic’s Journeys of a Lifetime is full of gorgeous photos that will certainly extend your travel bucket list.

As the godfather of adventure travel, this compilation of Tony’s words and his assistant on destinations will inspire longing for travel and delicious foods.

Travel Bags & Accessories

Away suitcases are my favorite bags.  They come in so many colors and sizes.  Our family of five often travels with two of the carry ons.

Storing my jewelry for travel is always a second thought and can end up tangled in my makeup bag or purse.  I LOVE these Custom Jewelry Box  for travel.

I can always use another pouch to wind up cords, hygiene items, or kids items.  These pouches are adorable. Check out the variety of phrases.

This one is a new favorite of mine. I tend to travel with larger earrings and a couple longer necklaces. I love the ability to separate my items so they aren’t getting tangled or worse thrown in with my makeup, getting dirty or lost. I throw this jewlery case in my purse or personal item.

Travel Toys


I have written articles about travel toys for various ages group that are viewable at these links:

Travel Toys for Ages 5-6 

Travel Toys for Ages 7-8

Travel Toys for Ages 9-11


Tegu Magnetic Blocks are great for little ones to use their creativity and less chance of losing pieces.  There a variety of sets available.

I think we own every one of these visual problem solving games from Smart Games.  They fit in any bag and are fun for older kids – a great alternative to technology while waiting or traveling.

All of my kids have enjoyed WikkiStix.  This case is a spot to collect traceable cards and easy to restock when all the sets are enjoyed.

Some travel games travel better than others. This little Battleship game is perfect to keep your kiddos entertained while traveling.  My kids love it!

Home Decor

A cork desktop globe makes a cute accessory for work or home. Color in where you have been and identify what makes up your bucket list.

Lay out a wooden map of the world as a centerpiece to any room.  Choose from different finishes to match your space. We have this in our piano room and I love it!

If you know a food lover, this food scratch off travel map will provide a lot of fun! It shows foods from all around the world to commemorate their travel.