Whether you are veteran hikers who have added kids to the mix or are new to hiking and extended outdoor activties, getting the right gear at a decent price can make the experience much more enjoyable.  Kids just require more stuff.

Hiking Shoes/Boots

Hiking shoes are a must for navigating different terrains, but it is difficult to justify spending a lot of money when we know the kids will likely be wearing a different size by next year.  This can also be true if you are new to hiking as a family.

Look for the following qualities in a hiking shoe:

  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Proper Fit
  • Support
  • Comfort

I recommend these hiking shoes for kids and those new to hiking for these reasons and because the price point is very affordable.

Women’s Hiking Shoe (Link)

Child’s Hiking Shoe (Link)

Men’s Hiking Shoe (Link)


Using a light day pack can be a good option for a short hike, but I recommend something a bit more substantial for anything over a few hours.  You want to keep your pack lightweight, but also want it to be sturdy enough to handle the necessary water bottles and hang something from your carabiner or straps if needed.

This Fendong 40L pack with waist strap is up to the task and very affordable as well.  Check out the great reviews for yourself.

(Amazon Link to check out all of the colors)